A range of services for the installation
and conversion of vans
  • Van
    We sell box trucks under 10,000lbs. Asks us about what we have in our inventory. Operation at a wide temperature range from -40 to +40 degrees and air humidity up to 80%.
  • Lift gate
    The lifting mechanism has a design that allows lifting and lowering of loads
  • Spoiler
    Allows you to reduce the coefficient of aerodynamic drag, due to the fact that the car acquires a more streamlined shape and dramatically minimizes fuel costs.
  • Sleeper
    Make yourself comfortable right in your truck, a sleeper will decrease hotel costs and increase overall enjoyment for interstate trucking
A range of services for the installation
and re-equipment of vans
Van for transportation of industrial goods
Installing a sleeping bag
Installing the spoiler
All metal elements are stable
resistant to corrosion
and painted with powder paint
Make interstate a breeze with this retractable sleeper, allowing more room for cargo, if needed. Forget the hotel expenses
For fast cargo fixation, additionally install: cargo fastening rings
or rigging rails
For the convenience of loading and unloading, vans can be equipped
with hydraulic lifting sides
A hydroboard is a lifting device with a platform mounted on a car. With the help of a hydraulic mechanism, it allows lifting and lowering loads.
Categories of cargo that you will be able to transport
Household chemicals
Industrial raw
Overall cargo
Leave a request and the operator will contact you
within 15 minutes
We will evaluate your task
and calculate the exact cost
Selection of the optimal solution
Design and manufacture of bodies with consideration of your personal needs
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