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Profitable cooperation for carriers
CUF treats employees with respect
and offers really good opportunities for cooperation and earnings in a rapidly developing and growing company
to work with CUF and lead the transportation industry
Get hired within 24 hours
Our advantages
Stable volume of cargo transportation
365 days a year
A large selection of destinations for cargo transportation
Dedicated dispatcher 24/7
Electronic document management
Legal support
Important to know
Equal Employment Opportunity
The employment practices and policies of CUF are designed to comply with all applicable federal and state employment laws. CUF is committed to equality of employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, height, weight, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law.
As a government contractor
CUF has many administrative and contractual responsibilities. To remain in compliance with our Affirmative Action Plan, applications received for open positions at Caravan Upfit Factory must be documented and all applicants surveyed for their race, gender, disability, and veteran status.
All applicants must specify the position(s) for which they are applying
Only applications of candidates who possess the advertised, basic qualifications for the position will be accepted.
Applications for an open position will be accepted until the position is filled or closed.
No notification on the status of applications will be given.
Fill out the form so we can invite you
to the interview
Your full name
Years Licensed
Your phone
How many miles can you drive per day?
How many miles can you drive in a week?
Understand and speak basic English
Must have a Smartphone
Ability to use GPS programs
Ability to download and use Programs for Tracking
Ability to understand USA Addresses
Ability to make small fixes/repairs on the vehicle
Do you know how to use AIR RIDE SYSTEM and what is it used for?
Do you know how to use LANDING GEAR and what is it used for?
Years of experience
Optional certificates are accepted
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